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Container-feeder Retrofit from Diesel to Dual-fuel Propulsion

  • Thomas Spindler
Development Engine Conversion

Engine builder MAN Diesel & Turbo has won a contract to convert a diesel main engine to dual-fuel operation on the 1000 TEU class container feeder ship Wes Amelie owned by the German Wessels Reederei. The vessel operates predominantly in the North Sea and Baltic where it is subject to IMO regulations limiting sulphur in fuels since January 2015.


The use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel is gaining importance in the light the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) roadmap for the reduction of both noxious and greenhouse emissions. As already applied on small to medium-sized LNG carriers, medium speed, four-stroke dual-fuel engines, either for propulsion or onboard power generation, continue to emerge as a preferred solution for emissions reduction for both marine and land-based large engines.

Significantly, as show in FIGURE 1, they achieve compliance with all major classes of emissions without resort to exhaust aftertreatment. In terms of emission of...


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