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First High Speed HiMSEN Engine

  • Se Ho Jeong
  • Sung Soo Jung
  • Su Weon Noh
  • Yeong Seok Ryoo
Cover Story Multi-Role Combustion Engines

Over the past decade, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has developed its HiMSEN engines to cover various horsepower categories of the market for medium speed diesel engines. Based on the experience accumulated, the company has now extended the HiMSEN engine family with the first high speed engine, the vee configuration H17V. This article is based on Paper 161, CIMAC Congress 2013.

The HiMSEN engine range

Starting with the introduction of the HiMSEN H 21/32 [1], Hyundai’s first in-house developed medium speed diesel engine in 2001, new medium speed models have been continually developed up to 2012, to complete a range from the smallest, inline H17/28 (bore 17 x stroke 28 cm) to the largest vee configuration H 46/60V (bore 46 x stroke 60 cm).

In the meantime, validating the Hi-Touch and Hi-Tech [1] design concepts, HHI has delivered about 8,000 HiMSEN medium speed engines for applications in marine propulsion, marine power generation and as stationary engines. In particular, the Hi-Touch...


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Thanks go to Jong Suk Kim, for his contributions to the article and to all HHI’s staff and partners for their commitment to the design and development of the new engine.


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  • Se Ho Jeong
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  • Sung Soo Jung
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  • Su Weon Noh
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  • Yeong Seok Ryoo
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  1. 1.Engine & Machinery DivisionHyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.UlsanRepublic of Korea

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