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New Generation Low Speed Two-stroke Engines

  • Marc Spahni
  • Andreas Kyrtatos
Cover Story Multi-Role Combustion Engines

With their best-in-class fuel consumption and excellent reliability, low speed two-stroke engines will remain the workhorses of world maritime trade for medium vessels to the very largest ships. In preparation for an era of ever bigger containerships, ever tighter emissions regulations and new sizes of vessel due to the enlargement of the Panama Canal, Wärtsilä has launched a new two-stroke engine Generation. This article is based on Paper 267, CIMAC Congress 2013.

Engine concept

As well as being designed to comply with present and future environmental legislation, the low speed, two-stroke engines in Wärtsilä’s new Generation X have been developed to meet ship owners’ requirements for lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), combined with highest reliability, maximised vessel payload via compact design, and the licensee engine builders’ need for rational, economic production.

The principal particulars of the new X-engines are listed in . Following the introduction of the Wärtsilä 82 cm...


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  • Marc Spahni
    • 1
  • Andreas Kyrtatos
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  1. 1.Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd.WinterthurSwitzerland

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