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Maximising Turbocharger Performance for Larger High Speed Engines

  • Jonathan Wood
  • Thurstan Twist
Development High Speed Turbochargers

The effect of turbocharging on the efficiency, power density, response and emissions of combustion engines is well proven. A parallel goal at Cummins Turbo Technologies is to make high turbocharger efficiency available over wider compressor maps. A given size of turbocharging system can thus cover more engines, applications and load profiles while also making a given engine more flexible.

Development aims

Copious, well controlled supplies of fuel and air are preconditions for major aspects of combustion engine performance. On the fuel side, the application of systems with pressure accumulators (common rail injection on diesels engines and electronic gas admission on spark-ignited and dual-fuel gas engines) have given engine developers new perspectives for improving emissions, fuel consumption, power density and response/load acceptance over a maximum range of operating conditions.

In parallel, turbocharger developers are using the latest aerodynamic and thermodynamic technology,...


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