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“Development outsourcing is an unequivocal win-win arrangement”

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Consultant engineers have been “part of the furniture” in engine development for more than 25 years. While this indispensable symbiosis takes place under conditions of absolute confidentiality, manufacturers and consultants both benefit from the resulting growth in the engine industry’s overall fund of knowledge. Professor Stefan Pischinger of international consultancy FEV, Aachen (Germany), describes the synergies in detail.

In a “personal union” Prof. Dr. Stefan Pischingercombines the roles of Professor at RWTH Aachen University and Director of the Institute for Combustion Engines with the Presidency of FEV. Interestingly, following his studies and engine and fuel injection development experience within the Daimler organisation, he succeeded his father, Professor Franz Pischinger in both functions. Having been in a position to chart FEV’s evolution since its founding in 1978, Pischinger has seen the engineering consultancy model in engine development grow from “an extended...

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