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dual-fuel engine with cylinder pressure based control

  • Bert Ritscher
Cover Story Medium Speed Engines

Cylinder pressure sensors were initally used to detect knocking and misfiring on spark ignited gas engines. On its latest MaK brand dual-fuel engine, Caterpillar Motoren is harnessing the deep insights into combustion and engine condition that can be derived direct from the origin of engine power in sophisticated control, monitoring and diagnostic systems.

Gaseous fuels in emissions reduction

Gas and especially dual-fuel engines, with their ability to rapidly switch between gaseous and liquid fuels, are seen as a viable solution to the 80% reduction in emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) required in coastal regions (Emission Control Areas) under IMO Tier III exhaust emissions legislation.

As a result, medium speed engine builder, Caterpillar Motoren, based in Kiel, Germany has designed the new MaK M 46 DF dual-fuel engine, pictured in . This article gives an overview of the relevant design considerations, focussing especially on its electronic control concept which employs cylinder...


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We would like to thank the teams involved from Caterpillar Mechatronics, Caterpillar Electronics and AVAT Automation for their contributions to this project.


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