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Improved variational iteration method for solving a class of nonlinear Fredholm integral equations

  • M. H. Daliri
  • J. Saberi-NadjafiEmail author


In this paper, an efficient numerical method which is a combination of the variational iteration method and the spectral collocation method is developed for solving a class of nonlinear Fredholm integral equations (NFIEs). This method is easy to implement, requiring no tedious computational work and possesses the spectral accuracy. In addition, it does not require calculating Adomian’s polynomials and Lagrange’s multiplier values. Several numerical examples are included to demonstrate the validity and efficiency of the proposed method. The obtained results have been compared with the exact solutions so that the high accuracy of the results are clear.


Variational iteration method Spectral collocation method Nonlinear Fredholm integral equation 

Mathematics Subject Classification

45G10 45B05 65M70 



The authors are very grateful to both reviewers for carefully reading the paper and for their comments and suggestions which helped to improve the paper.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematical SciencesFerdowsi University of MashhadMashhadIran

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