Decision of the Supreme Court 11 October 2017 – Case No. 2-16-1988
  • Autolevi OÜ v. AlterMedia OÜ Copyright Act, Sec. 4(2)
Decision • Copyright Law Estonia
  1. 1.

    Abstract information (here: Google Adwords and Facebook accounts and administrator rights) cannot be deemed to be work under the Copyright Act.

  2. 2.

    Only work which is expressed in an objective form can be protected under copyright. An objective form may include a user account if it carries an original result, e.g. is set up in an original way within the meaning of Sec. 4(2) of the Copyright Act.

  3. 3.

    In order to ascertain rights thereto, the free and creative choices that are made in the provision of Internet marketing services must be explained before the court.



Online accounts and administrator rights Copyrightability Abstract and objective form Internet marketing services Concept of “work” 

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  • Autolevi OÜ v. AlterMedia OÜ Copyright Act, Sec. 4(2)

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