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The mean operators and generalized products of fuzzy soft matrices and their applications in MCGDM

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In this paper, we first generalize the products of two fuzzy soft matrices. Through these generalizations, three or more fuzzy soft matrices in the different types can be multiplied. Furthermore, we introduce the mean operators and normalized fuzzy weighted mean operators of the fuzzy soft matrices. We discuss the theoretical aspects of these operators. We describe the multicriteria group decision making (MCGDM) problem with different evaluation criterion sets, and then we create two algorithms using the mean operators and generalized products of fuzzy soft matrices to deal with such problems. To show the advantages of the proposed ones, we present the comparison results with some of the preexisting decision making algorithms of fuzzy soft sets. Finally, we create Scilab codes of our algorithms to expedite and facilitate the decision making process.

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Communicated by Rosana Sueli da Motta Jafelice.



Scilab codes

We supply the following Scilab codes, which provide great convenience for the steps in the above fuzzy soft multicriteria group decision making algorithms (Algorithms 1 and 2).


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  • Fuzzy soft set
  • Fuzzy soft matrix
  • Products of fuzzy soft matrices
  • Mean operators of fuzzy soft matrices
  • Decision making

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