A new numerical method for solving fractional delay differential equations

  • Aman Jhinga
  • Varsha Daftardar-GejjiEmail author


We present a new numerical method for solving fractional delay differential equations (FDDEs) along with its error analysis. We illustrate applicability and utility of the method by solving various examples. Further, we compare the method with other existing methods such as fractional Adams method (FAM) and new predictor–corrector method (NPCM) developed by Daftardar-Gejji et al. (Fract Calc Appl Anal 18(2):400–418, 2015). The order of accuracy is shown to be \(O(h^2).\) It is noted that the new method is more time efficient and works for very small values of the order of the fractional derivative, where FAM as well as NPCM fail.


Caputo fractional derivative Fractional differential equations Delay Numerical methods 

Mathematics Subject Classification

26A33 34A08 



A. Jhinga acknowledges Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India, for Junior Research Fellowship (09/137(0568)/2017-EMR-I).


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