Decompositions of critical trees with cutwidth k

  • Zhen-Kun ZhangEmail author


The cutwidth of a graph G is the minimum integer k such that the vertices of G are arranged in a linear layout \([v_1,\ldots ,v_n]\) in such a way that, for every \(j= 1,\ldots ,n-1\), there are at most k edges with one endpoint in \(\{v_1,\ldots ,v_j\}\) and the other in \(\{v_{j+1},\ldots ,v_n\}\). The cutwidth problem for G is to determine the cutwidth k of G. A graph G with cutwidth k is k-cutwidth critical if every proper subgraph of G has cutwidth less than k and G is homeomorphically minimal. In this paper, we obtain that any k-cutwidth critical tree \(\mathcal {T}\) can be decomposed into three \((k-1)\)-cutwidth critical subtrees for \(k\ge 2\); And an \(O(|V(\mathcal {T})|^{2}\mathrm{log} |V(\mathcal {T})|)\) algorithm of computing the three subtrees is given.


Graph labeling Cutwidth Critical tree Decomposition 

Mathematics Subject Classification

05C75 05C78 90C27 



The author would like to thank the referees for their helpful suggestions on improving the representation of this paper.


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