Clinical Management of Primary Aldosteronism

2013 Practical Recommendations of the Italian Society of Hypertension (SIIA)


Primary aldosteronism is the most common form of endocrine hypertension and is highly prevalent among patients with difficult to control high blood pressure. In the presence of a high sodium intake primary aldosteronism carries has detrimental effects on the cardiovascular system, which translate into an excess rate of cardiovascular events. Therefore, to prevent these ominous consequences primary aldosteronism should be detected as early as possible and should be accurately diagnosed. Institution of the most appropriate treatment can lead to long-term cure of hypertension and to regression of the cardiovascular changes with a great benefit for the patients. We herein summarize the current evidence-based practical recommendations that will help physicians to diagnose and treat primary aldosteronism properly.


Hypertension Cardiovascular risk Secondary hypertension Endocrine hypertension Aldosteronism-aldosterone/renin ratio Diagnosis Treatment Adrenalectomy Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists 


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