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ICER Proposes Changes to Value Assessments

The US Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has published proposed changes to its methods for performing value assessments based on development of health technology assessment (HTA) reports in the US. These changes are expected to be implemented in 2020. They will benchmark ICER’s assessments with those of HTA agencies in other countries, and include input submitted from stakeholders, organisations and individuals during an Open Input period.

The proposals include:
  • “Augmenting Efforts to Use Real-World Evidence” (RWE) by reaffirming an ongoing commitment to use existing RWE and investigating collaborative relationships with organisations to generate further RWE.

  • “Expanding and Revising Voting Structure to Capture Important Potential Other Benefits and Contextual Considerations” by using a new Likert-scale voting structure which is expected to send a more transparent signal of the importance of factors for guiding pricing decisions...

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