Comment on: “Monitoring of Post-match Fatigue in Professional Soccer: Welcome to the Real World”

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We read with great interest the Current Opinion article by Carling et al. [1] regarding monitoring post-match fatigue (PMF) in elite football. While we agree with many issues raised and welcome the debate that this paper will inevitably initiate, we also feel that the take-home message of the paper was that PMF monitoring is probably too difficult and not worth introducing in a practical setting. We feel that it is relevant to highlight another viewpoint that also comes from the “real-world” of four full seasons of PMF monitoring in an elite football team competing in the English Premier League.

Post-match Fatigue: The Other Side of the Coin

One of the key arguments limiting PMF monitoring in football made by Carling et al. [1] was that “coach buy-in, player compliance and logistical burden can be problematic.” We fully agree. However, our experience is that coaches regularly want to know and ask “Has this player recovered?”, which clearly indicates that they have an...



We would like to acknowledge the contribution of the various staff members who have been involved in this process. In particular, the creation of the initial PMF monitoring protocol included Ben Ashworth, Andrew Rolls, and Declan Lynch. We also thank our Research & Development department and Sarah Rudd and Jaeson Rosenfeld for support around establishing the measurement properties of the monitoring tools, and for applying and continuously refining the statistical approaches to the analysis, visualization, and reporting of data. Finally, we would also like to thank the players and coaching staff at Arsenal Football Club.

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