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Various toxicities: 6 case reports
Case report

In a retrospective study of 13 patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL), 6 patients (4 men and 2 women; aged 75−86 years) were described, who developed acute kidney injury, subdural haematoma, fatigue, recrudescence of arthralgias, deep vein thrombosis and pneumonia each during treatment with methotrexate, rituximab, temozolomide, aspirin or lenalidomide [routes and outcomes not stated; not all dosages and durations of treatments to reactions onsets].

Patient 2 (from table I of article): The 78-year-old man was diagnosed with PCNSL. His medical history included hepatitis B, hypertension, type II diabetes mellitus and macular degeneration. He received induction chemotherapy with methotrexate, rituximab and temozolomide. However, he developed grade 3 acute kidney injury. Afterwards, he received lenalidomide maintenance therapy while his induction therapy was re-introduced for PCNSL.

Patient 3 (from table I of article): The 75-year-old man was diagnosed with PCNSL....


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