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Nausea and fluid retention: case report
Case report

A woman in her late 40s [age at the time of reactions onset not stated] developed nausea and fluid retention during treatment with dexamethasone and tamoxifen for Riedel's thyroiditis (RT). Additionally, she developed nausea during treatment with raloxifene for RT.

The woman presented in June 2007 at the age of 45 years with thyroid enlargement and an initial diagnosis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis was made. However, in December 2007, she showed rapid growth and swelling of her neck mass with associated compressive symptoms and was finally diagnosed with RT. Her neck swelling and compressive symptoms initially responded well to high-dose dexamethasone 10mg once daily and tamoxifen 20mg once daily [routes not stated]. However, she developed nausea and fluid retention on dexamethasone and tamoxifen [duration of treatment to reactions onset and outcomes not stated].

Consequently, dexamethasone and tamoxifen were subsequently discontinued. In March 2008, she showed dysphagia, recent-onset...


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