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NHS England publishes Long Term Plan

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NHS1 England has published a Long Term Plan, developed by healthcare professionals, patient groups and other experts, which is expected to deliver the best value for taxpayers' money.1 It incorporates opinions gathered at over 200 events, and in 2500 submissions representing interests of 3.5 million people. Local NHS organisations will work with their partners to use the goals in the plan to improve services throughout England.

Over the next ten years, the plan aims to improve neonatal care and healthcare in children by: reducing stillbirths and neonatal deaths by 50%; extending the continuity of care beyond pregnancy; providing extra support for pregnancies at risk of premature birth; expanding support for perinatal mental health disorders; reducing childhood obesity; increasing funding for mental health disorders in children and adolescents; reducing waiting times for autism assessments; improving care for children with learning disabilities; and delivering optimal treatments for...


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