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ICER evaluating prescription drug price increases in USA

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The US Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has announced that it is developing a report on prescription drug price increases in the US that are not supported by clinical evidence. The initial annual report on unsupported price increases is expected to be issued in the first quarter of 2019.

"What isn't available to federal or state policymakers, to patients, or to other stakeholders is an explicit and independent approach to determining whether price increases are supported by new clinical evidence or other factors. That's the goal for this new initiative," said Dr Steven Pearson, President of ICER. "Our value-based price benchmarks on new drugs are being used by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries to develop pricing and coverage policies that reflect the evidence on how well drugs actually improve patient outcomes. By applying an evidence-based approach to price increases for older drugs, we hope to further safeguard patients' ability to afford and access high-value health care," he said.

A multi-stakeholder advisory committee comprised of nine experts has been assembled by ICER to develop the methodology of these reports.


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