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Acknowledgement to Referees

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Acknowledgement to Referees

Dear Reader,

As we reach the final issue of Drugs in R&D for 2019, we wish to reflect on another successful year’s achievements, and to thank all those who have contributed their time and effort to guarantee the high quality of our content.

2019 was a successful year for Drugs in R&D. Over 30 articles have been published. The quality of articles published in the journal is reflected in its most recent Citescore of 2.55 from Scopus, where it is ranked 111/300 in the ‘Pharmacology’ category. During 2019 the journal was also included in the Science Citation Index Expanded from Clarivate and will receive its Impact Factor in 2020.

We thank the authors who have contributed articles to Drugs in R&D over the course of 2019. The skill and dedication of all authors are critical to the continued publication of the journal. The quality of published articles is also testament to the significant efforts of the peer reviewers, whose commitment ensures that the journal’s content is held to the highest possible standard. We would like to thank the following individuals who acted as reviewers for Drugs in R&D:

Karel Allegaert, Belgium

Manon Auffret, France

Thanh Bach, USA

Hannah K. Batchelor, UK

Jordan Berlin, USA

Eric Beyssac, France

Arijit Biswas, Germany

Sara Campagna, Italy

Luz Cánovas Martínez, Spain

D. Chen, China

Stefania Chetcuti Zammit, UK

Michael H. Connors, Australia

R. Corbalan, Chile

Lindsay E. Davis, USA

Ted Dawson, USA

Alain D. Dekker, The Netherlands

Peter Dogterom, The Netherlands

Jose Miguel Esparza-Miñana, Spain

Justin Faden, USA

Carlo Ferrarese, Italy

Yossi Gilgun-Sherki, Israel

Thorsten Oliver Goetze, Germany

J. Goncalves-Pereira, Portugal

Mao Hagihara, Japan

Richard I. Hall, Canada

Ichinosuke Hyodo, Japan

Wang J. Taiwan

Jiro Kasahara, Japan

Nanako Kawaguchi, Japan

Ide Kazuki, Japan

Stephan Koelsch, Germany

Hamed Kohan, USA

Georgios D. Kotzalidis, Italy

Mladena Lalic-Popovic, Serbia

SeungHwan Lee, Republic of Korea

Sara Lonardi, Italy

Erik Lundstrom, Sweden

Nolan J. Maloney, USA

Sebastiano Mercadante, Italy

Koen Mertens, The Netherlands

Michael Mian, Italy

Roberto Mina, Italy

Ghyslain Mombo-Ngoma, Gabon

Pravin A. Nair, India

Maddalena Napolitano, Italy

Alexis Oliva, Spain

Jart A.F. Oosterhaven, The Netherlands

Lauge Ostergaard, Denmark

Maulik R. Patel, India

Ana Brandusa, Pavel, USA

Vidya Perera, USA

Joseph V. Pergolizzi, USA

Italo Poggesi, Belgium

Arnim Quante, Germany

Anurag S. Rathore, India

Joannes A.A. Reijers, The Netherlands

Davide Giuseppe Ribaldone, Italy

Paschoalina Romano, Brazil

Rosario Rossi, Italy

Ranieri Rossi, Italy

Giandomenico Roviello, Italy

Bogachan Sahin, USA

Andrea Saini, Italy

Marc Howard Scheetz, USA

Mary V. Seeman, Canada

Elena Daniela Serban, Romania

Spyridon Siafis, Germany

Ana Gabriela Reis Solano, Brazil

Allyson Spence, USA

Felix Stader, Switzerland

Dick Tibboel, The Netherlands

Vladimir Trkulja, Croatia

Javier Trujillo-Santos, Spain

Sascha Tuchman, USA

Edward T. Van Matre, USA

Bram Verstockt, Belgium

Mia Von Euler, Sweden

Angeliqie Voorberg, The Netherlands

Sebastian G. Wicha, Germany

Jean-Baptiste Woillard, France

Filiz Yilmaz Onat, Turkey

Scott L. Zeller, USA

In addition, we would like to thank the members of the journal’s Honorary Editorial Board, who have acted as peer reviewers and authors, and have provided guidance on journal content, policy and processes:

Guohua An, University of Iowa, USA

Dario Cattaneo, Luigi Sacco University Hospital, Italy

Ganesh Cherala, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA

Ranjeet. P. Dash, Charles River Laboratories, USA

Y.K. Gupta, All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, India

Hans-Peter Hartung, Heinrich-Heine University, Germany

Christian Höcht, University of Buenos Aires, Agentina

Fakhreddin Jamali, University of Alberta, Canada

Tony K.L. Kiang, University of Alberta, Canada

Mark J. McKeage, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Pradeep J. Nathan, University of Monash, Australia

Bhoomika M. Patel, Nima University, India

Santiago Perez-Lloret, Catholic University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marc Pfister, University of Basel, Switzerland

Gary Remington, University of Toronto, Canada

Helmut Schütz, BEBAC Consulting, Austria

Mehdi H. Shishehbor, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Lee P. Shulman, Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University, USA

Girish Singhania, CHI St Vincent Infirmary, USA

Laszlo Tóthfalusi, Semmelweis University, Hungary

Johanna Weiss, University of Heidelberg, Germany

We do hope that you have found the articles published throughout the year in Drugs in R&D to be interesting and informative. The editorial schedule for 2020 is well under way, and we are looking forward to bringing you many high-quality and authoritative articles over the coming year.

With best wishes,

Anton van Rensburg

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