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Increasing Frequency of Seborrheic Keratosis Diagnoses as a Favorable Consequence of Teledermatology-Based Skin Cancer Screening: A Cross-sectional Study of 34,553 Patients

  • David Moreno-RamírezEmail author
  • Jesús Raya-Maldonado
  • Macarena Morales-Conde
  • Teresa Ojeda-Vila
  • Francisco J. Martín-Gutiérrez
  • Andrés Ruíz-de-Casas
  • Almudena Fernández-Orland
  • Herrerías-Esteban JM
  • Lara Ferrándiz
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Screening of skin cancer by teledermatology (TD) has improved the early detection of skin cancer by enhancing access to skin cancer clinics.


We sought to analyze how TD-based skin cancer screening has changed the frequency of consultations for benign lesions.

Patients and methods

A cross-sectional study including teleconsultations received during a 7-year period was conducted to analyze and compare the trendlines of each lesion type over the study period. Trendlines were analyzed using a linear regression model with the R-squared (R 2) test for goodness of fit.


A total of 34,553 teleconsultations were included in the study. Seborrheic keratoses, followed by benign melanocytic lesions, were the most frequent lesions diagnosed. The pick-up rate for malignant lesions was 1:8.6 teleconsultations. Seborrheic keratoses and precancerous lesions showed a positive trendline with good fit to the linear model (R 2 = 0.8 and R 2 = 0.8, respectively). Tis-T1 malignant melanoma (in situ melanoma or melanoma with a Breslow thickness <1 mm) showed an increasing trendline with moderate-to-low fit to the model (R 2 = 0.4).


TD-based screening of skin cancer is associated with an increasing rate of consultations involving seborrheic keratoses, which can be considered a consequence of improved access to dermatologists resulting from TD implementation.


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Compliance with Ethical Standards

The local institutional review board has reviewed and approved this study.

Conflict of interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest.


This study has been partially funded by a competitive grant obtained from the Health Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Spain (PI0276-2013).


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  • David Moreno-Ramírez
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    Email author
  • Jesús Raya-Maldonado
    • 1
  • Macarena Morales-Conde
    • 1
  • Teresa Ojeda-Vila
    • 1
  • Francisco J. Martín-Gutiérrez
    • 1
  • Andrés Ruíz-de-Casas
    • 1
  • Almudena Fernández-Orland
    • 1
  • Herrerías-Esteban JM
    • 2
  • Lara Ferrándiz
    • 1
  1. 1.Chief of the Medical and Surgical Dermatology Unit, HUVM Teledermatology NetworkHospital Universitario Virgen MacarenaSevilleSpain
  2. 2.ICT DepartmentHospital Universitario Virgen MacarenaSevilleSpain

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