Polymer-based Nanogenerator for Biomedical Applications

  • Jun Li
  • Yin Long
  • Xudong WangEmail author


Polymeric devices are the workhorses of modern technologies. As one of the cutting-edge technology leveraging polymeric materials, nanogenerator that could convert micro-/nano-scale mechanical energy into electricity based on the mechanism of piezoelectricity and triboelectricity exhibited great promise for biomedical applications, owning to the simple configuration, high efficiency, decent electrical output, biomimetic property as well as excellent biocompatibility. In this manuscript, the recent representative developments of NGs in biomedical applications are reviewed. Fundamentals, such as working mechanisms underneath different NG prototypes are discussed, which is followed by innovative strategies endowing NG with biomimetic mechanical properties. Intriguing attempts to implement NG in specific biomedical fields(e.g., power source for implantable medical devices, therapeutic electric stimulator, etc.) are introduced and analyzed. This manuscript ends up with subsection summarizing existed challenges while providing potential solutions for future NG developments in biomedical engineering.


Nanogenerator Polymeric material Biomedical application 


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