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Contemporary Imaging Findings in Aortic Arch Surgery

  • Tami J. BangEmail author
  • Daniel B. Green
  • T. Brett Reece
  • Dominique DaBreo
  • Daniel Vargas
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Purpose of Review

The purpose of this manuscript is to review the surgical techniques of aortic arch repair, imaging techniques for evaluating the pre- and post-operative aortic arch, and both normal and abnormal post-operative imaging appearances.

Recent Findings

Aortic arch repair is a technically challenging and rapidly evolving procedure, utilizing a variety of surgical methods that result in variable imaging appearances. Imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis of aortic arch abnormalities, as well as diagnosis of abnormalities in the adjacent ascending and descending aorta. Imaging also plays a key role in post-operative evaluation and surveillance.


Familiarity with aortic arch surgical procedures and their expected post-operative imaging appearances is crucial for the radiologist to identify the surgery performed, recognize surgical complications, and avoid imaging pitfalls that may be mistaken for complications.


Aortic arch repair Hybrid aortic repair Elephant trunk Frozen elephant trunk 


Compliance with Ethical Guidelines

Conflict of interest

Bang, Green, Reece, DaBreo, and Vargas declare no conflicts of interest.


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  • Daniel B. Green
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  • T. Brett Reece
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  • Dominique DaBreo
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  • Daniel Vargas
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