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Planning Well is Half the Battle

  • Ursula Saler
  • Anna Roschitz
Looking Beyond Business Plan

Every team needs it, every team has it — the business plan. But how do you come up with it? How do you proceed? And what characterizes a good plan? In this article the TU Graz’ team describes its unusual business plan.

The idea

At the beginning of the 2018 season, we were wondering how we could get better and score more points in the upcoming competitions and at best even win. The motivation was there, but we knew that we could not start without an extraordinary idea. It quickly became clear that we wanted to go to the limit — and then it occurred to us. What if we drove our car in the snow? At that time we did not know if this idea was feasible, but we knew that we had to improve in all static disciplines, including the business plan. Which is exactly why we did not just want to give up on the idea. This is how we proceeded.

Who are we?

It makes a big difference whether you imagine yourself as a young, modern start-up or whether you are an already existing company. We decided on the...



We would like to thank the operators of the Turracher Höhe ski area who provided us with a great backdrop for the video shoot and supported the project.


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  • Ursula Saler
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