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“Students Learn that Individuals Do Not Reach the Finishing Line”

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Formula Student Germany Interview

Volkswagen is supporting six student teams with a total of nine racing cars in the 2018 racing season. The participation of big players from the automotive sector including Schaeffler, Bosch, Continental and BMW, is a blessing for the student teams, and not just a financial one. The companies are also able to recruit young talent. In an interview, Prof. Dr. Stefan Gies, Head of the Mid-and Fullsize Series Group at Volkswagen, explains how the industry and the student teams collaborate.

ATZextra _ Prof. Gies, what made you assume patronage of the Formula Student Germany?

Gies_ I really enjoy working with young and interested students and people, which is the same reason that I will give a lecture today at the university. It is my goal to coach the students and be able to pass on my experience. In this context, it seemed an obvious choice to help support the teams for Volkswagen; I enjoy it very much. I think it is simply wonderful how the young students get involved with technology,...

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