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Engine Application for a Formula Student Racecar

  • Max Braunbeck
  • Marius Reichle
Formula Student Combustion Technical Highlights

Since the founding of the HHN Formula Student Racing Team from the University of Heilbronn in 2014, a single cylinder combustion engine by Husqvarna has been used in the racecar. Since the 2016/2017 season, HHN Racing has been using the motor sport engine control unit MS6 by Bosch for accurate engine operation. The engine application is carried out in the in-house piston engine laboratory of the University of Heilbronn. Not only maximum power is important here; efficiency, reliability and drivability are also important requirements.

Mechanical modifications to the Husqvarna TE510

Due to the good power to weight ratio, the Husqvarna TE510 was chosen as the base engine also for the vehicle of the season 2017/2018 (HNR18), Figure 1 and Table 1. To be rule-consistent with the Formula Student regulations, which consist of about 140 pages, a 20-mm restrictor for limitation of the air mass is necessary. The restrictor has to be mounted in front of the intake manifold. For this reason, the...


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  • Max Braunbeck
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  • Marius Reichle
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  1. 1.HHN Formula Student Racing Team from Heilbronn UniversityHeilbronnGermany

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