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The Path to Monash Motorsport’s First Electric Race Car

  • Patrick Graham
Formula Student Electric Technical Highlights

Monash Motorsport has been involved in the Australasian Formula Student competition (FSAE) every year since 2000. The team has a strong performance history, with its combustion vehicle placing first in eight of the last nine competitions. Now an electric model is shaping up to continue this story.

Formula Student and Monash Motorsport Each year, over 600 university teams and thousands of students compete in multiple Formula Student competitions around the world. These competitions require participating teams to produce a Formula-style prototype race car. Performance of the car is evaluated at competitions through eight separate events. At each event, performance is scored on a point system. The combined total of points from each event determines the winner of the competition overall.

In 2015, Monash Motorsport decided to make a fully electric car. After a year of research and development, the team began construction in early 2017. This year was a big year, as it was the first time the...

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