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Milestones of the Drivetrain Development in the FSE

  • Maximilian Böhle
  • Moritz Genieser
Formula Student Electric Technical Highlights

Since its first electric vehicle with all-wheel drive, in terms of drivetrain structure Munich Motorsport has relied on four electric motors in combination with self-developed 1.5-stage planetary gearboxes integrated in the uprights. As a result, the Munich-based society significantly contributed to the increase in dynamic performance in the Formula Student Germany Electric (FSE).

Switch to an All-Wheel Drive Concept

Ever since the Formula Student Germany was first held, the society Munich Motorsport has participated in this international design competition. In addition to the racing cars powered by internal combustion engines, the team has also been building purely electrically powered vehicles since the birth of the FSE. In 2015, as the result of an extensive potential analysis, the at that time most successful season with rear-wheel drive was followed by the switch to an all-wheel drive concept. This decision reflects the general trend in the electric class, in which almost...



Munich Motorsport would like to thank the Munich University of Applied Sciences for the financial and professional support as well as the provision of premises for the development, production and assembly of the racing cars. Special thanks also go to the external sponsors, whose support through financial means, technical expertise and production performance makes the successful work in the motor sports club possible.

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  • Maximilian Böhle
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  • Moritz Genieser
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