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On a third-order boundary value problem at resonance on the half-line

  • S. A. IyaseEmail author
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In this paper, we establish existence of solutions for the following boundary value problem on the half-line: \((q(t)u''(t))' = g(t, u(t), u'(t), u''(t)),\;\;\; t \in (0, \infty )\) subject to the boundary conditions \( u'(0) = \sum ^{m}_{i=1}\alpha _i\int ^{\xi _i}_0 u(t)\mathrm{d}t, u(0) = 0,\; \lim _{t\rightarrow \infty }q(t)u''(t)=0.\) We establish sufficient conditions for the existence of at least one solution using coincidence degree arguments. An example is provided to validate our result.

Mathematics Subject Classification

34B10 34B15 34B45 



The author wishes to express his gratitude to the anonymous referees for their useful suggestions and corrections.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsCovenant University OtaOtaNigeria

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