Investigations on Wire Electric Discharge Machining and Mechanical Behavior of Al 7075/Nano-SiC Composites

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  • D. Sudhakara
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In this research work, the impact of WEDM parameters like gap voltage, wire feed, pulse-off time, and pulse-on time on surface roughness (Ra) and MRR (material removal rate) in metal matrix nanocomposites that are composed of Al7075 and nano-silicon carbide (SiC) with the particle dimension of 50 nm is investigated. The aluminum 7075 is reinforced by using nano-SiC with various weight percentages (2.0%, 4.0%, and 6.0 wt%). Magnesium (1.5%) is incorporated to improve the wettability of the MMNCs. The experimentations are studied by means of DOE technique applying L9 OA. The final outcomes were examined using response graphs. And also, the final outcomes are compared with unreinforced aluminum 7075. From the present analysis, it is determined that various blends of WEDM parameters are necessitated in order to accomplish lower Ra and higher MRR for Al7075/SiC nanocomposites. Basically, it is noticed that by increasing wt% of SiC leads to increased Ra and decreased MRR. The outcomes of these investigations are useful for aerospace, automobile industries to select suitable wire EDM parameters to machine MMNCs of Al7075 reinforcement with SiC nanoparticles at different weight portions.


Al 7075 Nano-SiC WEDM MRR Ra 



The corresponding author wishes to thank the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Siddartha Institute of Science and Technology (Autonomous), Puttur, India, for providing facilities and necessary support in conducting experiments and discussion in the research work.

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