Image Quality Improvements Using Quantization Matrices of Standard Digital Cameras in DCT Based Compressor

  • Mahendra M. DixitEmail author
  • C. Vijaya
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In the field of image compression, loads of scope exist for research. This work facilitates the platform to investigate and divulge the evidence of usage of vector quantization process in unique, prominent and renowned digital cameras of the present day. The work encompasses discrete cosine transform (DCT) based image compression technique using vector quantization of corresponding digital cameras, applied to standard test images. The luminance and chrominance quantization matrices of two digital cameras, namely Canon PowerShot A700 (Superfine) and Fuji FinePix A700 (Fine), are selected, which are investigated and verified as quantization level of 50. The proposed technique comprises not only one level of quantization; however, the vector quantization is variable from level 10 to 75. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis are carried out to verify the functionality and applicability of the algorithm. In addition, the functional verification of the said technique is carried out on Raspberry Pi low-cost embedded platform.


DCT Vector quantization Image compression Digital cameras Raspberry Pi 



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