Impact of Drip Fertigation on Weed Population, Dry Weight and Yield of Onion in Semiarid Tropical Region of India


Field demonstrations were conducted during rabi season for two years in seven locations of Tiruppur District, Tamil Nadu state to study the weed density under drip fertigation and conventional method of cultivation (Farmer’s practice). Nine weed species emerged with a frequency of more than 50% irrespective of the locations. Drip fertigation with recommended dose of fertilizers (RDF) produced the highest bulb yield of onion when compared with the conventional method of cultivation. Total population of weeds and weed dry weight were minimum under drip fertigation.

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The authors wish to express gratitude to Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Bodies Restoration & Management (TN-IAMWARM) project funded by World bank and Water Technology Centre, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore for providing financial support for the study. Besides, authors wish to thank the anonymous reviewers and editor for fine tuning the paper and their comments.

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  • Drip fertigation
  • Weed population
  • Weed intensity
  • Yield
  • Onion