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Security Architectures for Onboard Infotainment Systems

  • Claus Wonnemann

Infotainment systems play a key role for the IT security of a connected car. They provide a large attack surface due to many data interfaces and complex applications. The risk of successful attacks is effectively minimized by employing adequate technologies and processes. The key to a secure infotainment system is a consistent, robust security architecture that covers all functional layers and interfaces.


The spread of connected cars in the last decade has created an enormous potential for new and exciting automotive applications. At the same time, it has dramatically changed the cyber threat condition for automobiles. While vehicles were "air gapped" from insecure data networks before, connecting them to the internet has created the possibility of remote, scalable attacks on the same vehicle type ("fleet attack"). In 2015, two security researchers showed that this is not merely a theoretical scenario. They gained control over critical functions (steering, braking,...

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