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Development Platform for New Network Technologies in Vehicle Architectures

  • Ronny Schulze
  • Thomas Liebetrau

The automotive industry is currently facing major challenges. Today's vehicle architectures and network technologies must be further developed in order to meet the increasing demands placed on modern vehicles. In this article, Infineon Technologies describes a development platform for evaluating new Ethernet-based vehicle systems that offers a scalable and modular system.

New Functionalities Required

The variety of vehicle platforms is increasing significantly and thus the required scalability and modularity. On the other hand, the trend toward partially or fully automated driving as well as the "connected car" require new functionalities and a much stronger networking of ECUs in the vehicle. The complexity of the E/E architecture is increasing and with it the demands on communication technologies. Powerful Ethernet-based communication is already a component of many vehicle platforms currently under development.

It is a prerequisite for a service-oriented and highly scalable vehicle...

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  • Ronny Schulze
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  • Thomas Liebetrau
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  1. 1.Infineon TechnologiesNeubibergGermany

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