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Artificial Intelligence Conquers the Microcontroller

  • Andreas BurkertEmail author
Trade Fair Report

The speed with which carmakers have begun to introduce advanced driver-assistance systems currently forms the basis of success of the Embedded World. The industry's leading trade show was again able this year to present more exhibitors, more visitors, and more security for embedded systems, as it highlighted the use of embedded intelligence in the development of novel systems capable of independently perceiving their surroundings and using what they perceive to draw conclusions and make decisions. This promises to give a boost to the automotive industry.

Embedded Security

Taking the developments in embedded systems to the next level remains a challenge. Mark Hermeling, Senior Director at GrammaTech and specialist for software-code security, assessed a number of new software products as deficient owing to an abundance of source-code errors that could lead to failures in some routines that would leave the systems vulnerable to cybercrime. Hermeling sees software safety and security...

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