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"Defining assisted, automated and autonomous driving more clearly!"

  • Andre Seeck
  • Markus SchöttleEmail author
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Autonomous driving will first establish itself in public transport as shuttles - separate from individual and mixed traffic. Professor Andre Seeck makes the case for improved and user-oriented communication of the technical and human possibilities. As Director and Head of Department "Vehicle Technology" at the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), he is doing his part.

ATZelectronics _ Professor Seeck, how do you perceive the current public discussion associated with assisted, automated and autonomous driving? According to a Bertelsmann study, several groups within the population are becoming increasingly skeptical. Others have high expectations and have a relative naïve view when it comes to evaluating the possibilities and market availability.

Seeck _ It is understandable that more and more people are skeptical and making their voices heard given the current state of discussions and what has happened. Accidents such as those involving Uber vehicles or a fatality involving a...

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