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Hands off the Wheel

  • Andreas BurkertEmail author
Conference Report

Cars without autonomous driving functions were merely decorative accessories at this year's CES. Las Vegas has long become the Mecca for modern mobility where the vehicle itself does not always take center stage but intelligent mobility services and concepts whose goal is to reduce the number of cars in private possession. Many entertain the customers with futuristic designs, but the focus is on powerful AI-enabled supercomputers.

Consumer Electronics Show

This year's show had not even opened when a Tesla rammed an android. The accident involving a robot belonging to the Russian company Promobot occurred during the booth construction phase before the official opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (USA, January 8 to 11, 2019). The vehicle was proven to have not been in autonomous driving mode, the driver was simply distracted despite the assistance systems in the vehicle. The robot, which stood nonchalantly at the side of the road, was completely knocked out of...

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