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Fuel Cells - From Euphoria to Disillusionment

  • Andreas BurkertEmail author
In the Spotlight

Every now and then fuel cell drive technology is given a boost, but the concern is that this has been happening on a regular basis for more than 25 years. In addition, the fact that considerable progress has been made with battery-electric vehicles has led to hydrogen technology repeatedly being put on the back burner. But fuel cell cars present a major opportunity for manufacturers to bring the value chain back in-house, something which will no longer be possible with traction batteries.

The Future of the Fuel Cell

Reports on fuel cell drive systems in the media vary in tone from enthusiastic to disenchanted. The confidence shown at the end of 2015 in the ATZ/MTZ article entitled "Fuel cells are gaining momentum" [1] was followed less than three years later by disillusionment, when the headline of a report on our research results read "Will the fuel cell drive come too late?" [2]. Until then fuel cells had been seen as the long-term solution for electric transport, but the lack of...

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