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High-power Converters for 48-V/12-V Vehicle Electrical Systems in Mild Hybrid Vehicles

  • Mustafa Dinc

The challenges for 48-V mild hybrid vehicles are increasing, and 48-V/12-V converters need the flexibility to satisfy future requirements. Power levels of at least 1.2 to 3.5 kW are needed, depending on the vehicle's options. In addition to this broad power range, the priority is to offer scalable concepts optimized for cost, as not every vehicle can be sold with the same options. To achieve the required efficiency of more than 95 %, Vishay has developed new components, offering customized systems in terms of coils and filters.

Voltage Converters for Regulating Vehicle Electrical Systems

In recent years, a large number of systems in the areas of active safety, consumption reduction, and emissions optimization have been incorporated into new vehicles. These include start-stop systems, electric water pumps, air-conditioning compressors, turbochargers, steering systems, roll stabilization, parking brakes, automatic transmissions, and power brakes without vacuum. Added to this are driver...

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