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Separation Kernel - Basis for Certifiable Applications and Systems

  • Chris BergEmail author

Functional security and cybersecurity are among the most important issues in the development of complex connected vehicle systems. The certification of individual systems will become increasingly important in the future. Here the automotive industry has some backlog to do and can learn from certification solutions from the aviation industry, including working according to the Safety-and-Security-by-Design principles. Real-time operating systems based on a separation kernel enable new approaches, as Sysgo describes.


Already today, many functions in automobiles are fully or partially automated; driver assistance systems such as distance alarms, rear-view cameras or parking aids entered series production even of small and medium-sized vehicles. Fully autonomous passenger cars, buses and even trucks are in test operation on public roads; the first production vehicles can move at least semi-autonomously. The car of the future will require even more electronics and computing power...

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