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"We are a car manufacturer, but also a Tier 1 and service provider in future"

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Franco Bellillo is Head of Purchasing at the Chinese car manufacturer BJEV. In an interview with ATZelektronik, the ex-BMW Project "i" Purchase Manager provides an outlook on how the electric vehicle sub-brand belonging to the largest Chinese car manufacturer BAIC intends to use European know-how to position itself on the domestic market.

ATZelektronik _ Mr. Bellillo, BJEV is the world leader in sales of electric vehicles, even in front of Tesla, with over 113,000 vehicles sold in 2018. However, this has only been possible with the aid of high state incentives that subsidize the development costs of Chinese car manufacturers and their customers to the tune of up to 12,000 euros per vehicle. In addition, BJEV only vs existing vehicle models to electric versions that cannot be sold in Europe or the USA for the simple reason of quality.

Bellillo _ You are right with your assessment; however, the boundary conditions will change. The incentives will be completely reduced. This means that...

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