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ATZ Congress Electrified Mobility Electric Mobility Comes in from the Cold

Conference Report

The commitment to electric mobility is astonishingly clear. Both OEMs and suppliers have recognized the necessity of a turning point in mobility and presented some fascinating developments at the first elect! ATZ Congress "Electrified Mobility." At the congress supported by Schaeffler and Messe Stuttgart, autonomous driving and the associated mobility services were identified as being the drivers for a roll-out of electric mobility.

Electrified Mobility

The size of the gap will lose its attractiveness. In a few years, it will not be relevant whether a vehicle is awarded the label "premium." The attractivity of the car of the future will be defined by its functionality. This may sound abstract. In particular because there is more behind this than just the digitalization strategy that is currently keeping the entire automotive sector on its toes. The reason this topic was behind the sometimes controversial discussions at the first elect! ATZ Congress Electrified Mobility has its roots...

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