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ZF | Networked Rear Axle

ZF has launched the new generation of its electronically controlled locking differential eLSD (electronic Limited Slip Differential) for off-road and sporty tuned vehicles. The reworked, active rear axle's newly developed Electronic Control Unit (ECU) fulfills the cybersecurity standards for over-the-air software updates via cloud. The ECU hardware has also shrunk to half its previous size. Also, the eLSD is now comprehensively networked with the vehicle's integrated brake system IBC (Integrated Brake Control) thanks to additional interfaces and is designed to increase driving dynamics, stability and comfort. The maximum potential for locking torque, at 3000 Nm, renders the eLSD system suitable for heavy vehicles and powerful engine variants, and thanks to the modular design, it is compatible with different drive ratios and with different rear axle sizes.

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