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Sustainable E/E Architecture Power Supply and Data Transmission for Autonomous Driving

  • Christian Schäfer
  • Rainer Denkelmann
Cover Story

Today's E/E architectures are not prepared for the high bandwidths and redundancy requirements of automated and autonomous driving. With its Smart Vehicle Architecture, Aptiv shows that a forward- looking networking concept and successive integration of innovative electronic components lead to the desired result. In about five years, vehicles with this new architecture could be driving on the road fully automated at level 4. Around 2025 they could drive autonomously at level 5 on public roads.

The surroundings

The electronic value share in automobiles will rise from about 20 % in 2010 to about 50 % in 2030. For level 4 automobiles, the data volume will increase tenfold compared to today's level-2 vehicles. The increasing automation of driving functions and the forced electrification of the power unit - with many new and additional sensors, advanced driving functions, functional requirements and redundancies in the E/E architecture - are confronting engineers with an increasingly...

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  • Christian Schäfer
    • 1
  • Rainer Denkelmann
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  1. 1.Aptiv Services GmbHWuppertalGermany

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