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New Concept for OTA Updates in Automobiles

  • Zohar Fox

Approximately 15 % of errors in on-board software code remain undetected during standard quality controls. Since traditional methods for over-the-air updates are not suitable for complex automotive architectures, Aurora Labs has developed the Delta-based 3D-Diff technology to enable efficient, fast and cost-effective over-the-air updates for all on-board systems, software components and ECUs of a connected car.

Software-based mobility

Modern vehicles are equipped with numerous multimedia entertainment functions, sensors, safety mechanisms and driver assistance systems, which increasingly take on the driving task. The software required for this is even more comprehensive than the software code in an F-35 combat aircraft. Up to 150 million lines of code are required in a connected car. And the amount of code is continuously increasing. Since the software also assumes safety-critical functions, software errors can become a danger to the driver. Thus, "software on wheels" all too often...

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