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Gatekeeper for In-vehicle Network Communication

  • Jan Holle
  • Siddharth Shukla

Automotive Ethernet is on the rise. But an Ethernet-based E/E architecture calls for particularly powerful security functions. For this reason, automotive firewalls will play a key role in monitoring and controlling electrical system communications in the future. They do so best within the Ethernet switch as well as with counterbalanced hardware-software codesign, as Escrypt explains.

IT security flaws

This spring, security researchers found 14 IT security flaws in the infotainment system and telematics control unit of several models offered by a major automaker. The experts found out that attackers would have been able to send central commands to the engine by way of root access to the cars' CAN bus. Just imagine for a moment that a criminal hacker really had taken control of a vehicle and people had been injured as a result - the loss of image and the commercial impact for the vehicle manufacturer would be immense.

Nevertheless, connectivity is king - even now for the numerous...

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