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Legal Limitations Highly Automated Driving Functions Put on Standby

  • Mathias Heerwagen
In the Spotlight

Nowadays even mid-size cars have automated driving functions on VDA level 2, such as lane departure warning and parking assistants. However, the step up to highly automated driving on level 3 is proving to be more difficult than anticipated, particularly because the urgently needed technical regulations for type approval are not yet in place.

Theory and practice

In mid 2017 Audi attracted a great deal of attention with its announcement that the new Audi A8's traffic jam pilot would allow for automated driving on level 3. The A8 would be able to pull away, accelerate up to a speed of 60 km/h, steer, and brake independently in traffic congestion on the freeway. Unlike level 2 functions, once the system was activated the driver would not need to monitor it constantly and could focus on other activities. That was the theory, but in practice there is not a single standard A8 on the road with level 3 functions, because the necessary legislation has not been implemented. This has had an...

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