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Continuous Condition Monitoring for High-power DC Charging Cables

  • Michael Frommberger

Ultrafast DC charging with power outputs of 350 kW or more places special demands on charging cables in terms of function and safety. Leoni is working on a hardware and software module that can be used to achieve continuous monitoring of charging cables. The innovative key technology LeoniQ enables the reliable local detection of thermal and mechanical stresses, as well as any ingress of fluids.

Requirements for charging cables at very high charging outputs

Today, Leoni is already designing and manufacturing all of the electrical cable technology that is required to operate Electric Vehicles (EVs). This technology covers the full range of EV cables, from the charging socket to the vehicle's high-voltage harness and high-voltage battery. It also reflects all other components of the charging process, such as the charging cables in the Electrical Vehicle Charging (EVC) station and the networking of charging points with the national grid and its providers. Accordingly, Leoni is...

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  • Michael Frommberger
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