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The Fuel Showdown

  • Andreas BurkertEmail author
80 Years of MTZ

The era of conventional combustion fuels is coming to an end. The future belongs to high- performance, synthetic, and alternative fuels produced using renewable electricity and carbon dioxide. And, of course, electrical energy storage technologies will make an important contribution to future mobility. One of the leading players is the million-mile battery.

Over 130 years ago, no one could have guessed that a pharmacy in Wiesloch in Germany would start a boom that the German automotive industry is still benefiting from today. But when Bertha Benz took the world's first long-distance journey by automobile in the summer of 1888 and ran out of fuel, she refilled her car with a few liters of ligroin. This was a petroleum spirit that was only available from pharmacies and was normally used for stain removal, but proved to be ideal as a fuel for her vehicle. In the years since then, engines have become more powerful and more sophisticated and, as a result, chemical engineers have had to...

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