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Quo Vadis, Mobility Transformation?

  • Alexander Heintzel
In the Spotlight

Discussions on the future development of our energy and transportation sectors are often tendentious, emotionally charged and fraught with misinformation. Reports of silver-bullet technological breakthroughs alternate with dire accounts of imminent environmental collapse. It has become difficult to avoid the suspicion that information is being intentionally withheld, or spun, for political reasons or to protect the economic interests of certain stakeholders.

Growing Demand for Energy

The important goals outlined in the Paris Agreement cannot be reached if we limit our focus to the transportation sector. Experts around the world, including those at the International Energy Agency (IEA), agree that energy production and heating account for the lion's share of global greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, global energy consumption increased in 2018 at a rate almost twice that of the average rate of increase since 2010. This development was accompanied by a 1.7 % increase in carbon...

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