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Compact Electric Motors for Test Benches with Internally Developed Simulation Solution

  • Joachim Schnüttgen

In the design and manufacturing of customer-specific electric motors for test benches, engineers of GMN have developed an in-house simulation solution based on standard software. Using a multi-level process, they can quickly generate hundreds of potentially suitable motor geometries, and then quickly reduce those to a small number of promising models. The machine manufacturer uses its expertise in constructing high-speed spindles in the development of compact electric motors.


While electric drives for test bench use are a niche product - not least due to the boom in electromobility - the need for testing equipment is growing steadily, both for users in research and in series production. Together with the increase in power for electric drives, demands for test bench motors are also growing. Power levels beyond 120 kW are increasingly in demand. This was the reason about six years ago for the machine manufacturer GMN, which produces high-speed spindles, to enter the market...

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  • Joachim Schnüttgen
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  1. 1.GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KGNürnbergGermany

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